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      OPERATION Home Coming I 22JUN17 17th IUNR     Background: Malden, has been thrown into political upheaval, with the recent assassination of the Premier and the fighting between the "Home Front" and the MDF has brought much stain on the country and its people.   Orientation: In the past moths the UN Peacekeeping forces have set up checkpoint and a FOB on the Islands, with that the HF has mysteriously ceased conflict and agreed to a cease fire and a meeting with the intent to sing a peace treaty. Out objective in this situation is to relive the Russian UN troops in the area and maintain peace and stability whilst assisting with the peace negotiations. Map: Malden   Mission: Mission objective as follows. Proceed and redeploy to FOB Vodovod, there mount up into provided vehicles and proceed to the town of ****** and link up with the Russian task group where you will set up checkpoints and guard the local area. The safety and security of the civilian population and that of the government officials is of utmost priority. Units: 1 Platoon "Stonewall" - Heavy Weapon Support "Hammer" 160 SOAR Detachment   END OF ORDER
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      The "go to" place, for new enlisted to get their 17th IUNR information.

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      This is where you find your BCT's and GCS'!

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    1. Operation HOME COMING

      Operation Home Coming is the 17th's order to secure and maintain peace on the fragile island nation of Malden, Being plagued by communist rebels, if the peace will hold that only time will tell...

    2. Operation AUTOMN ALIVE

      The government local government of Stratis has been overthrown, the Greek government has asked for assistance, after months of training this is the first deployment of the 17th IUNR.

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    • Mr Swanson, Your application is in order. Report on TeamSpeak at 17thiunr.4np.de as soon as possible to finish your enlistment process. Command Staff.
    • Name: Patrick Swanson Age:  20 Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Pendelton/ Date of Birth: 3-6-1997 Nationality: USA Previous unit experience: Yes If yes then specify which unit/s:  15th MEU, 173rd AB, 1st MRB - 3d MRB - DEVGRU - Task Force Thunder Do you own or a willing to buy ArmA 3 and a Microhpone: YES Do you understand that ArmA 3 APEX is required: YES Reasons of joining: Looking for a new unit to be an RTO in, and this one looks pretty promising.  How did you hear of us: Armaclans Understand that to finish your application you need to join our TS 17thiunr.4np.de: Yes
    • BCT Class #103            [Date: 28-07-2017]         [ Time: 1500EST 1700GMT]

      Sign up with : Rank & Name ( ex :  Pvt A. Lancaster)
      Steam profile: [Link] ( ex : https://www.steamprofile.com/name )
      Attending : YES or NO FAQ:
      "Gunny, What shall I have prepared for the BCT?"
      Answer: " keybindings, mods, and most of all your mindset." "Gunny, What will we do during BCT?"
      Answer: "G.E.A.R, Weapons familizing, Grenade familizing, TAC #2 Bounding, UN-Mindset." "Gunny, How long will BCT take?"
      Answer: " As long as you manage to learn the basics. At most 2 - 2½ hours." "Gunny, what if..........?"
      Answer: "Get your head in the game Boy, and I´ll show you what bad luck when thinking happens."

      Se you at BCT.

      // GySgt A. Joensson
    • I will be on holiday for the next three weeks, starting from Sunday 30th of July until monday 21th of August. There won´t be any stable internet connection so I can´t promise to check the forum on a daily basis. But I will miss you guys and therefor try to visit Teamspeak server on a few evenings where the family falls a sleep early (hopefully before me). Have fun and stay like you are people.   greetz PFC R.Wiegand
    • I feel like Space Engineers and Planetside 2 might be fun.